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    Service item of counter

    1. Instruct people how to apply for the land register and apply for the resurvey affairs.
    2. Answer the policy affairs of relevant land and law doubtful point.
    3. Coach or fill out it apply for there aren't land register cadaster, or the procedures proved of land price.
    4. Handle correspond on one's behalf and apply for the registration case item of simple and easy land.
    5. Check and inform the land that register, measure, apply for the case and handle the situation item.
    6. Several applications of offering land registry, cadaster, price of land to prove.
    7. Answer, convert the item of land area of the metric system.
    8. Other service items about the land administration.

    Correspond apply

    Land and building register transcript, cadaster transcript, cadaster picture transcript, transcript of plan building, case of easy register (including obligee's name, address change are registered, the mortgage cancel registered--- bounds to financial institution ) Correspond applies.

    Multi administration service

    It is under Chiayi county (Puzhi, Shueishang, Dalin, Jhuci) multi administration office can apply for cadaster transcript.

    Fax and apply for cadastre

    Accept cadaster transcript,  land price prove, cadaster picture, and building plan transcript by fax application.
    FAX: 05-2652614

    Single window service

    1.Land and building  to register and transcript.
    2.The cadaster materials reading.
    3.Cadaster picture, and building plan transcript.
    4.Land price transcript.

    Category of register:
    1.The address change registering
    2.The change of the name registering.
    3.Building address number change registering ( Limited to the person who reorganizes number) .
    4.The form given and exchange registered.
    5.Correct register (Limited to names, born in date, ID card to unify such mistakes as serial number, address and number,etc., persons who the organ of affairs of household registration correct the having case ) .
    6.The hypothec cancel register.

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