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Business of institute

    Brief introduction of every section's business of our institute:

    section one:

    1. The land and building moving and changing the registration that is set up, even more of every right of things.
    2. The land and building register and transcript issue.
    3. The land and building the first registration of ownership of things.
    4. Check and calculate and collect the rule fee.
    5. The court entrust and close down the advance notice to register and cancel registration.
    6. Management of the cadaster warehouse and management of financial institution or the public law people's die.
    7. Other relevant land and building register affairs.

    section two:

    1. Resurvey of land which people apply for(boundary, divide up , merge ,etc.) .
    2. The measurement of the reform building which the people apply for.
    3. The court entrust measurement.
    4. Cadasters measurement in policy.
    5. Modify land data (city plan).
    6. Approval cadaster map and transcript of building resurvey.

    Section three:

    1. The trends of the price of land and market price are investigated.
    2. Handle the announcement land current value and stipulate the price of land again.
    3. The price of land in computer data is corrected and put in order and unusual fluctuation is notified.
    4. Issue the prove of land price over the years
    5. Deal with the works of index of the price of land, information, electron.

    Section four:

    1. The used of land( It is not that the land utilization of the city is formulate) .
    2. General affairs.
    3. Cashier
    4. Document manage( The official document received and dispatched.)

    Accounting office :

    Handle years old counting, accounting business, verifying the financial revenue and expenditure.

    Personnel office :

    Handle to the staff and appoint and remove, move such personnel business as adjusting, examining, treatment, welfare, retiring, comforting and compensate, etc..

    Ethics office:

    Handle the ethics business of relevant policies.

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