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The overview of organize

    The overview of organize

       First, our institute is under the jurisdiction of the county government of Chiayi, bear the orders and supervised by the ground policy section chief's conductoring of the county magistrate, undertake  the administrative business of land of four villages and towns.

      Second, work out the staff count 73 people, divide four sections and handle affairs and set up private accountant, personnel administrator, ethics personnel (run concurrently) Commanded and supervised on the left by the director and undertake the business as follows:

    Organize  System Chart

    Section one:
    The land buildings register affairs, the land registration case objection appeals, treatment, all kinds of cadastre statistics, people of the lawsuit serve item, land and building registry epitome , land and building registry and transcript  issued.

    Section two:
    The land and building measurement dividing up, boundary, merge ,etc. and the court entrust measurement, it cooperate with policy measurement the works and matters relating to making maps in measurement, transcript issue and land name change affairs.

    Section three:
    Implement the equalization of landownership and stipulate the  land price, investigate, work out authorizing, the land price  announcement, announcement land current value unusual fluctuation computer work that the report form, land price proved issued,  and information of the land price.

    Section four:
    Handle cashier, general affairs, document management, it manages not city land utilization controlling and other business common.

    Accounting office:
    Handle years old counting, accounting business, verifying the financial revenue and expenditure.

    Personnel office:
    Handle to the staff  appoint and remove, move such personnel business as adjusting, examining, treatment, welfare, retiring, comforting and compensate, etc..

    Ethics office:
    Handle the ethics business of relevant policies.

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