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Establish and evolution

  • Our institute establishes and pursues local autonomy on February of the 42nd year of the Republic of China , at adjusting administrative dividing, office administer Dalin, Minsyong, Sikou, Mei Shan,etc. four villages and towns mark original Chiayi policy, location locate in Dalin town Zhongshan Road No.252 , July 1, the 71st year of the Republic of China, because Chiayi was promoted as the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government, the counties and cities separate, revitalize in the area under the jurisdiction of regional policy office, move to the Jhuci that is established newly in the Meishan area that administers our institute originally, the township of Shingkang and then administered by the original policy office of Chiayi puts under our institute. Move into new address and begin operation expand and promote the handy service for the people On August the same year in Dalin town new developing street No.110 newly-built office block in 76th year of the Republic of China.

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